Nicki Campbell

Jennifer Ausbie

2020-07-02 23:29:34

I really enjoyed the get fit in 30! She’s super encouraging! I am currently in the customized fit chick and I like that she has workouts that are personalized to my body. And she checks in often. She’s super nice and very supportive! She’s very comfortable to work with.

Kenia Mondragon

2020-06-27 16:13:17

I truly enjoyed Nicki program. Super easy to follow, super friendly, and high energy person. Her program help me start back on my health journey. I lost 6.5 pounds on the get fit 30 day program. I highly recommend her. Her workouts target the right muscles and she also shows you how to modify them around. All you need is a couple weights or no weights at all. Loved it.

Khiarah Robinson

2020-06-20 02:51:47

Nicki is a great trainer! The get for 30 was a great program! I would definitely recommend her services. The only thing that I would include would be meals along with the grocery list.

Kristen McCaney

2020-06-19 03:13:22

Amazing trainer and coach! Nicki is so motivating, knowledgeable and fun! She was always right on time with an encouraging word! She provided the tools I need to continue on this health journey. Her dedication and commitment is so inspiring!!

Kelly Bryant

2020-06-19 01:16:39

I have been working with Nicki's get fit in 30 program and am feeling better about myself and my ability to push through. Nicki is able to relate to being a mom and attempting to workout with kids around. The videos have been great and easy to follow. The weekly check-ins have been an awesome way to help with accountability and motivation. After completing this program, I plan to continue working with her.